Wellesbourne Wings & Wheels 2016

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Wellesbourne Wings & Wheels 2016

Postby Snapper » Tue Jun 21, 2016 8:38 pm

Yet another excellent effort from the XM655 team.

I've uploaded a few photos to my website that I took at Wellesbourne on both Saturday (rehearsal) & Sunday (the main event) that Vulcan fans may wish to take a look at.
Although the 2nd fast taxy was a non starter due to a Houchin (external power generator) fault the first run was enough to once again prove how good XM655 really is.
In addition to a full sized Vulcan and the large model Vulcan we were graced with a 3rd Vulcan. An Aston Martin Vulcan - No. 19 of the 24 +prototype that are nearing the end of their production run. Be quick if you want one - Only £1.8million each.

If you watched Top Gear on Sunday evening you will have seen the car that was at Wellesbourne. Catch it on iplayer. Its the first 10 minutes of the programme.

I still have some more photos to work on so do check back.
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