Cold War Jets Open Day 30th Aug

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Re: Cold War Jets Open Day 30th Aug

Postby Xplumberlives » Sun Aug 30, 2009 9:13 pm

Just had a text from Andy/320psi

"had a good day, managed to raise some cash."

Good on the LPGers
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Re: Cold War Jets Open Day 30th Aug

Postby 320psi » Sun Aug 30, 2009 11:25 pm

Saracenman wrote:thanks OR :)

is that Westland Scout the same one that 320 saw on the IoW the other day i wonder? ?-:


No SM definatley not, the Brunty Scout is a 'cosmetic' job if you had seen how and who put it together its best kept firmly on it trailor

Good to meet you 'old rigger' nice to chat, glad you liked what you saw, we do ;)

As you have seen from Xplumberlives posts I never managed to get a running order, sorry, well I did, at 11.30am this morning, which wasnt much use, snag is we dont orgainse these days and things dont go the 'LPG way'

Took some cash, not counted it up yet, but its all in the right direction to get them doors on ;)

Shame the weather screwed the day up, but it was so nice to back our two inside, shut the doors and keep the rain and wind out and even better, no more covers and water filled tyres ! Oh joy, almost surreal.

Cleaning up the bins the fence and the site was abit of a low point in the rain at the end as we never get any help form other groups :(

The BBMF scrubed, cross wind limits at Conningsby were to high for the lanc and Hurricane, the Spit did get off but turned back as the weather closed in.

The other flying was scrubbed as well, 3 pitts specials, all now tucked up in our shed as they couldnt go home due to the awful weather by 5pm, pics to follow on the Lightnings thread ;)

728's run was good, her no2 lit perfectly on the static run but self canceled after 4 seconds, then when Dennis let the brakes off, nothing happened, no nozzle movement nothing, ummmmmmm, 'thats Lightnings' ~x( ~x(

Gotta fix 904 now, so 728s snags will have to wait

See you all at the next 'do'

Watch this space

Cheers all
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