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The Last of her like...

PostPosted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 8:29 am
by Mayfly
Mary Ellis the last ATA pilot has died. She flew over 72 different a/c types and was the last of her like. ... llis-dies/

Apparently on one delivery the groundcrew refused to believe she had flown the a/c in and searched the airframe looking a man.

ATA girls often enlisted at the age of 17 & were once described in an aviation magazine as a 'menace', yet down the line they were well respected and often flew a new type of aircraft with no instruction reading the handbook only after getting airborne.

Respect to her and all ATA girls.

Lettice Curtis , Joy Lofthouse, Eleanor Wadsworth, Molly Rose, Amy Johnson, Joan Hughes, Marion WIlberforce...
to name just a few.

RIP All.