Manston Airport and 'Operation Stack'

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Manston Airport and 'Operation Stack'

Postby 34053 » Wed Aug 05, 2015 3:51 pm

You may well have heard about the problems being caused this side of the English Channel, as a result of the 'Calais Crisis'. The M20 Motorway (London to Dover Ferries/Channel Tunnel) is used for 'Operation Stack' during these periods.

This involves the closure of the M20 to all traffic, except Freight vehicles, as follows :
- Phase 1: Coast Bound: J8 (Maidstone) 14 miles to J9 (Ashford) = 2,100+ Lorries (Total)
- Phase 2: Coast Bound: J9 (Ashford) 11 miles to J11(Hythe) = 3,600+ Lorries (Total)
- Phase 3: (London Bound; but with the Lorries facing 'Coast Bound'): J9 (Ashford) 14 miles to J8 (Maidstone) = 5,700+ Lorries (Total)

The vehicles are held in 2 Lanes: the Hard Shoulder and the Outside Lane (Lane 3).

This has been in operation on several occasions recently (for days on end) with acute disruption to industry and residents (affected by the Motorway Traffic being diverted through their towns and villages). At its recent peak a total of over 7,000 Lorries stretched back for 36 miles, with ''a queue, to join the queue''!!!). Lorries containing Livestock and 'Perishable' Goods are being 'Prioritised'.

As this has now become such a 'regular' situation, the plan is to use (disused) ex-RAF Manston Airport to hold the Lorries and return the M20 Motorway to something near 'normal'. Manston closed as a Commercial Airport last year and there are objections from the local community to the plans, due to possible congestion in the area.

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Re: Manston Airport and 'Operation Stack'

Postby Aceyone » Wed Aug 05, 2015 7:41 pm

I won't be sorry when this gets sorted,it seems every road that I regularly use is choked for one reason or another X(
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