'Merchant Navy' 35028 'Clan Line' Main Line Trip to Swanage

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'Merchant Navy' 35028 'Clan Line' Main Line Trip to Swanage

Postby 34053 » Tue May 01, 2012 12:01 pm

Whilst at Swanage for the final 'Volunteer Session' of working on 34053 'Sir Keith Park' there was a Main Line Steam Excursion from London to Swanage (and return) on Friday 27th April. This was the first time that a 'Merchant Navy Class' Locomotive had visited Swanage since 35027 'Port Line' (the first Restoration Project) over 20 years ago. This Class is the biggest of the Bulleid 'Pacifics (the 'Battle of Britain' and 'West Country' Classes being described as 'Light Pacifics' (but still BIG Locomotives, nevertheless).

We took a break from our work to see 'Clan Line' passing Herston Works, on the final part of the journey to Swanage.

Here is a photo, taken from the road bridge, near Herston Works, by Roger Hughes.(The white roof of Herston Works can just be seen top right of the photo):

I was most fortunate to be given permission to stand 'lineside' (together with others) and took this Video. The Train comprised 13 coaches, plus the trailing Diesel Locomotive (quite a load):

As 'Clan Line' could not be turned at Swanage, it was taken back to Southampton 'Light Engine'. The Diesel Locomotive brought the Train from Swanage to Southampton, for the return journey, 'steam hauled' back to London.

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Re: 'Merchant Navy' 35028 'Clan Line' Main Line Trip to Swan

Postby Xplumberlives » Tue May 01, 2012 12:29 pm

Very nice Ray, didn't think you'd miss an opportunity like that! ;) :ymapplause:
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