What is happening with Iconic Aircraft?

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What is happening with Iconic Aircraft?

Postby Dagger_id » Sun Nov 22, 2020 8:08 pm

Hi to everybody!Well,i am sad,i am sad because when i registered on Iconic Aircraft i was so excited and very enthusiastic...i was so pleased knowing very friendly members here and liked all posts,very interesting ones,yes,i love aviation,especially the history of aviation.Sadly,the aviation forums are dying...i know times are changing,but not in a good way,unfortunately...What can i say,i hope will come a day when will be once more around here on this great forum,chatting or talking about what was that bringing us here,aviation!In my opinion is the most wonderful achievement of the mankind!Wish you all the best and take care of you in these shitty times!

Best Regards


PS:Sorry for my bad english... :)
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